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Great Place 

by Kenny Rowe at Citysearch

This was my very first time buying a suit and i couldn't be happier with my experience. These guys are pros! I had no idea what I needed, but they helped my find a really sharp suit that fit really well. The shop looks great and the prices are pretty amazing.


by binz26 at Citysearch

As a woman it is very hard to find a nice men's suit. I realize not a lot of women are looking for such formal wear, but I was looking all over Portland to no avail. Everywhere I went I was either completely ignored or sneered at upon walking in. When I walked into Well Suited I was immediately helped and treated with respect. I now have a beautiful pin-striped suit that is being tailored to my measurements. Thank you Well Suited! I couldn't be happier.

My husband is resistant to most anything to do with clothes. So, the thought of taking him suit hunting was excruciating! What a treasure to find Well Suited and the amazing staff there. I dropped him off and went across the street for a glass of wine. 30 minutes later I came back to a very happy scene - my husband in the most beautiful Italian suit actually laughing and surrounded by a wonderfully pleasant tailor. It's now his new favorite place and he's looking pretty darn good with a wardrobe of new pants,dress shirts, Tommy Bahamas, a pair of shoes, even a great jacket. I've started going with him to pick up clothes for our newly employed son. The selection is incredible. I've never gone in and not found something terrific!

I can't believe the prices you pay these days for quality mens clothing! I also hate the generic "we don't really care about our customers" attitude you sometimes encounter when shopping in some stores. Also, don''t get me started on how a guy can be treated by some store clerks when he's trying to find something that he looks good in, and would like to wear. But, there are some places who really do care how a guy dresses, and tries to help him find what he's looking for. Well Suited has one of the most impressive selections of "very individual" geared clothing I've ever encountered. The selection is really "hand picked", meaning you would never have to worry about bumping into two other guys on the street wearing the same shirt! Example: I found a pair (in my size) of Faconnable jeans at an unbelievable price that I almost didn't want to mention (in case another pair comes in) so when it was time to get some nice dress clothes, I came back for a suit. We're talking a very nice suit that is SO comfortable. These guys know their suits (and yes, the prices are some of the best I've found) and are really helpful. Also, the tailoring was perfect, and on time. In short: a great (and still kind of a secret) shopping experience!

Pros: good service, knowledgeable staff

Cons: nothing I can come up with

I wondered if I should write this review... I really like this place, and consider Well Suited to be a well kept secret. So, If I tell you how great it is, then you will go there, buy up all their stuff, and leave nothing for me.... which would be tragic, and prove that old addage "No good deed goes unpunished.", but then I remembered that Portland, OR is notoriously badly dressed, and I relaxed. I can tell you they have fine 100% cashmere overcoats for $300 or less, and you won't pay any attention. I can tell you that the quality of clothes they carry are so high, and so well put together, that you can enjoy them for years to come. I can even explain that while you are buying $50 shirts made in sweatshops in indonesia with designer names across the front, which you will be embarrased to wear next year, that here $50 will buy you at least two, extremely well made shirts of the finest material, that have timeless style, which you will look good in forever, or at least until you smear pizza all over it and throw it in a laundry hamper with your bright red socks then wash everything together. I doubt even this will convince you. Perhaps this will convince you... the apparel industry today churns out clothes made to last a single season or two, made out of whatever is cheapest, from whomever will employ the poorest people at the least cost, and the unsavvy consumer is none the wiser. These clothes fit terribly, look bad and follow fads, and cost more over time than the finest clothes do, because you replace them all the time. The alternative is fine mens clothing, which you pay alot for... but its made to last, is made or altered to fit well, and is styled to look great forever. It retails at roughly ten times the cost of junk clothing... but you will love it for a lifetime At Well Suited, you can find the same mens clothing that is high quality, made to last forever, and can be tailored to you, at sub-junk prices.

Pros: high quality apparel, great service, unique stylish clothes, really great prices

Cons: limited selection due to consignment nature.

The best experience I've had buying closthes that I can remember. And the most helpful people that you will find - they went out of their way.